Indica AND Sativa Ratio.
Indica Dominant Hybrid
(20% Sativa / 80% Indica).
Average THC / CBD Level.
*THC 28.00 / 49.43%
*CBD — / 0.59%
*CBN — / —%.

Jager marijuana strain is a type of  high that feed you with its fantastic high and  this occur  slowly. The strain provides you with relaxation and Sedation that won’t necessarily occur but be expecting to be out of it and at the same be happy about it. Since the jager marijuana strain provide you with happiness and a relaxed mind set, it is worth taking.


   The JAGER MARIJUANA STRAIN is Also known as:- Jgr or Jr strains
Lineage of the Jgr, Jager cannabis strain is a cross between LA Confidential and Blue Dream cannabis strains to produce the jgr.

jager marijuana strain

jager marijuana strain

jager marijuana strain (Indica) is a 80% /20% Indica with a high THC level of about 26%. The strain smells sweet. good for pain and many more depending on your situation.

jager weed strain

jager weed strain

Mostly recommended for smokers who need a relaxed and functional mind.

jager weed

jager weed

Jager bud is more of a nightcap for relaxing before bed. Its moody, mellow effects are just the thing for unwinding after a long day or week.

jager kush

jager kush

Most legal dispensary can get you the best quality of this strain that will keep you just were you want to be. happy and relaxed mood activated.

jager strain

jager strain

jager strain is a type of  high that feed's you with its fantastic high and  this occur  slowly.

Effects of Jager Weed Strain



There are many positive effects of the jager Weed marijuana strain since it has so many healing properties.

When this jager weed strain is being consumed, it gives the consumer a relaxed mind set which is very important to your health. The jager weed strain also helps you with pain. Even if the pain is chronic. This jager weed strain also helps you from depression and Anxiety living you in a happy mood.


Dry mouth
dry eyes

Despite the positive effects of the jager weed marijuana strain, there are some minor effects of this strain.

At times when consumed, the jager weed brings about the dry mouth effect which is common with many strains. At times you might feel dizzy depending on your dose. Also at times the jager weed strain keeps you in an anxious mood or keeps you in a paranoid mood.

Jager Strain

Jager weed strain hits hard and fast. The strain often makes its effects known before smokers have finished smoking up the buds. Any muscular tension you had will gradually disappear as the jager strain hits you up slowly and as deep breathing happens after smoking the strain. Users usually realize a tingle that spreads from their neck down through the core and limbs of their body.

jager strain has enough sativa potency to benefit from and a clear headed energy despite the presences of  its relaxing properties. this makes the bud useful for mental activities like reading, for thinking and many more.  The effect of the jager strain progresses and attain a full body high keeping you just were you wanted.

From my research, Jager Weed strain is an 80/20 Indica and with a moderately high thc average of about 23%. The jager strain at times smells like sweet licorice with a strong aroma of lemon and pine.  It can treat inflammation, spasms, pain spasms, and tremors.

Little is known about its genetics, but from my research i noticed that the  Jager marijuana strain has a place somewhere in the Hindu Kush genealogy or a cross of LA Confidential and Blue Dream plants.

jager strain was created by an  unidentified breeder in Oregon and may be the product between popular staples Blue Dream and L.A. Confidential. 

The Jager strain have long tapered pepper-shaped forest green nugs with a deep rich purple undertones fiery orange hairs. They also have a thinly spread layer of fine clear crystal trichomes. The strain is characterized by full-bodied indica effects that slowly creep on before hitting you like too many drinks. “haha”, but is worth taking. You’ll suddenly feel completely relaxed in both mind and body with tendencies towards introspection and becoming spacey as the strain slowly blows your mind at the right time keeping you in a cute state of high and that’s just were you wanted to be.

jager strain with it’s relaxing properties is mostly recommended  to medical cannabis patients. This jager strain can help you from deep-seated aches and pains, whether  your situation is temporary or chronic. It can also take care of minor annoyances like headaches or nausea, Psychologically speaking, Jager strain may temporarily blunt the symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. In large quantity or dose, it can also help you from insomniacs to sleep Because it is unlikely to bring about overly cerebral thinking or paranoia. Jager strain is a good option for users who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance with THC Products.


Since Little is known about the genetics of jager kush,  no commercial-scale breeders have made seeds of the strain available for sale in legal dispensary(dispensaries). Those looking to grow Jager kush plants must obtain clippings from mature plants in order to grow this bud(clones). The jager kush is said to be an easy grow for newcomer’s cultivation  as it is particularly resistant to mold. Predominantly indica genes means that plants will grow short and bush.

If you are a grower of the jager kush marijuana strain then you should regularly trim away any fan leaves that could block light and air from reaching the plant. This is because blocking light and air will stimulating low-growing flowering nodes. The jager  kush can be grown indoor or outdoor. Success calls for a semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Finally, growers looking to bring out Jager’s full dark purple potential should expose their crops to nighttime temperatures. This temperature can range from 11 to 14 degrees colder than average. Is very important just before flowering begins.