Top Quality Batman Og Kush 2020

Batman Og Kush

Indica / Sativa Ratio.
Pure Indica.
Average THC / CBD Level.
*THC 32.99 / 25.48%
*CBD 0.18 / 0.18%
*CBN — / —%.

Batman OG Kush (Indica) marijuana strain induces cerebral euphoria, the Batman Og Kush also bring about a strong body buzz and deep relaxation. Batman og is good in Uplifting your mood. This strain  can alleviates you from depression, relieves you from stress, stimulates your appetite. The batman og kush can Promotes sleep but at times Triggers laziness and couch lock.

Genetics Of Batman Weed

Batman OG marijuana strain is most likely an OG phenotype.
The Batman OG kush , or “Batman weed,” is an indica dominant hybrid of unknown parentage due to a pretty high level of breeder secrecy about its heritage. Despite not much is known about the background of this batman weed strain, just one smoke inhere during smoking of this powerful bud will have you yelling. The batman og kush  strain is a “Holy pain reliever.

The Batman weed OG’s high is a heavy hitter, taking on any physical pains with gusto and making them disappear almost immediately after smoking or consuming the strain. The high hits will drive you first with a happy mood while boosting your day. This will get you a mood that you will be feeling slightly creative, although at times really hazy. As this effect builds, a creeping body stone will wash over you slowly, suddenly pulling you down into relaxing sedation that will cause you to become giggly and just a little bit horny. kush

Effects Of The Batman Haze

The batman haze is a perfect bud to fight the effects of insomnia, stress, pain, appetite loss, and depression. Batman OG kush has a deep flavor with hints of sour skunk and pine. The cent is incredibly pungent, punching your nose with super sour skunk and dank earth. Batman OG kush buds have dense spade-shaped dark and olive green nugs with a rich purple undertones. The batman haze has a bright orange hairs and super chunky amber crystal trichomes.

Positive Effects


Batman OG marijuana induces cerebral euphoria, strong body buzz and deep relaxation. Uplifts your mood and keeps you focus. alleviates depression while keeping you happy, relieves stress, stimulates your appetite. Promotes sleep and has good analgesic properties but the batman og kush will at times Triggers laziness and couch lock.

Negative Effects

Dry Eyes
Cotton Mouth
Dry Mouth

This batman og kush will knock you down during or after smoking the strain. It’s an extremely potent strain that gives you a tingle mood and lives you paranoid. The batman haze will also give you dry eyes after consuming the haze strain. It is mostly common that you will be left with dry mouth and a cotton mouth.

batman og kush

batman og kush

Batman og kush can hit you harder than Bat fleck can do. Smoked a bowl out is simple and can cause you knock out your feet within a minute after smoking. that's I do round here just meow and bout to melt into bed.

batman og

batman og

Batman OG is an indica dominant hybrid of unknown parentage due to a pretty high level of breeder secrecy about its heritage.

Batman haze

Batman haze

Batman haz,The high comes with a blow! as it hits the body hard and lifts your spirits into the clouds making you feel supper. The batman haze will boost Your energy to be at a moderate level but your mood will be kicked with time or if consumed in a high duzz.

About Batman Og Kush

Batman og kush when we smoke the haze strain the We’ve got ourselves a knockout! The only shame is that most of the details about this strain is hiding somewhere still to be unveil to the public. This secretive bud call batman haze is one for the record books with its hard hitting high and outrageously good flavor.

Some things about Batman OG kush we do know, like the sky-high THC levels that average around 24% and the immediacy of the high. The batman og kush strain is a colored more like the Riddler. The batman og kush has a rich content and also a rich purple undertones and bright green flowers with lovely hairs all around the bud.

The yellow and orange hairs compliment the amber colored trichomes giving it that DC villain feel. The aromas are pungent, filled with earth and skunk with hints of flowers and lime that keeps the strain lovable by many. The flavors are much the same and offering its users a palette that matches the appearance.

The batman haze is strong  and the high comes with a POW. This is at the high hits the body hard and lifts your spirits into the clouds. Your energy will be at a moderate level, but your mood will be kicked into high gear.

One thing about this batman og kush is that the high is Enjoyable and the relaxing nature of this bud is just soo awesome as it doesn’t knock you out. But the batman og kush will definitely makes you hazy at times. If you are the kind who gets turned on by a dank bud, you’re going to be really feisty after this one because the batman haze brings about high appetite after consuming the bud. Make sure you have snacks and a partner handy because this is a real joyride if you know what i mean. “LOL”.

The batman og kush also have many advantages like in medical cases. For medicinal users, the batman haze is perfect for treating you or it consumers from chronic pain, insomnia, inflammation, and muscle spasms because of its extreme sedative-like properties. As it also causes a serious case of the munchies.

As i earlier said, the Batman OG kush is used for those who lack appetite. Those who don’t eat will eat in a large quantity after having this strain. The batman og kush is also good for nausea and to ease your digestion. Because of its powerful nature, this is recommended for intermediate to advanced smokers, though novice users can proceed with extreme caution by knowing your dose so you don’t get knock out due to over dose of this bad boy strain. kush

Tips TO Grow The BAtman OG Kush

Like the secretive life of Batman himself, tips for growing this strain are hard to figure out. Like many other indica-dominant plants out there. You can bet on an 8 to 10 week flowering time. As long as you maintain your plants and give them love, you’ll probably end up with a decent yield during harvesting.

This entertaining and sometimes silly high is a crowd pleader and fan favorite of heroes and villains alike. Slip into your comfiest cape and enjoy the utter relaxation and pleasure stimulation this strain delivers to you after consumption. The pungent flavors and tingling body high the batman haze  gives you is enough to have you making your own bat signal to ensure you never run out.
This strain can be found in most dispensary. Some are poorly grown and some well grown with top quality contents.