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Best Dispensaries in California(Los Angeles)

Located in California Los Angeles.

Legal Dispensary is the best and also one of the best dispensary among all the dispensaries in California (Los Angeles).

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No need looking further because this is the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA with top and the most quality cannabis products. They sell just indoor grow and their prices are just what keep driving back their customers to shop for more. The best quality aspect about the legal dispensary is that, their products are the best products in the market but yet their prices is the cheapest among all dispensary. This is so because they receive support even from their customers to keep up the good job and they have help soo many patients who are far from California and can’t get access to medical marijuana.

They ship cannabis products to all states in united sates and to some few countries. this have get them their popularity and they are been trusted by many people. Their shipping service is fast and they always deliver on time.

The legal dispensary have both medical marijuana(indica marijuana, sativa marijuana, hybrid marijuana) and vape cartridges for both personal and medical uses. They are currently working on producing wax, shatter, edibles and many more types of cannabis products.

They are the ones producing what they sell so with the support everywhere and sometimes from the government gives them the upper hand to sell at the prices they sell right now.

It has been more easier than ever to shop your cannabis products in person or through legit delivery service. This will be more valid by shopping in the Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles this 2020. So, After some good research, we notice Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles this 2020 our city has to offer right now. From spots with daily deals to spaces with an experiential mentality, these are the cannabis shops we’re big fans of right now and mostly recommended. 


Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles


This is a Brand new dispensary in Los Angeles and is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA they are team the STIIIZY DTLA. This is a brand-new dispensary that looks like it belongs on Rodeo Drive.

The STIIIZY dispensary is outfitted with interactive and visual art installations, exclusive STIIIZY merch, and many more. You can shop the best cannabis brands while you experience it all.



1201 N La Brea Ave

ORIGINAL CANNABIS CAFE is also a Newly opened cafe dispensary in West Hollywood and also known as the Original Cannabis Cafe. They are also considered as one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA. This is the LA’s first-ever cannabis-friendly cafe.And this cafe functions as a dispensary and has a restaurant-style atmosphere, where you can smoke cannabis while enjoying high-quality food and drink.


West Hollywood, Downtown, Beverly Hills.

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Unlike the head shops of the past that is hidden behind records and other substance that is burned for the sweet smell it produces, there’s no missing MedMen’s neon-lit storefront and sleek signature look. I say Yes, you’re stepping into the self-proclaimed “Apple Store of cannabis”.

You just have to know that with the fancy touch screens and weed Genius Bar, you’ll likely see Apple Store prices. The cannabis chain specializes in diverse strains and high-end offerings, as well as edible and topical options bonus points for pet-friendly drops and gift-worthy items like kush bath.

The Med Men is known as the Apple store of dispensaries. With locations popping up all over LA. This dispensary have made the cannabis shopping experience easier and smarter to marijuana smokers than ever before.


14080 Ventura Blvd.

The Higher Path is also know as one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA. This Sherman Oaks spot is known for their super-friendly staff of “budtenders” who will help you get the best possible cannabis products at each visit and the prices are just the best. this dispensary also carry an assortment of high-quality flower, concentrates, vape cartidges, edibles, topicals, tinctures and more.


5470 Valley Blvd.

Also, the LA Kush is also known as the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA. They also offers six premium flower strains at their HQ in East LA, and at various dispensaries around the city. Their high-grade or top quality cannabis product is also available in premium distilled oil and concentrate.



979 N La Brea Ave.

This is one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA and Easily recognizable by its neon exterior. Herbarium on La Brea is easily accessible and provides yet another one-of-a-kind cannabis shopping experience to its shoppers. With the presence of skillful staff on board to answer all of your questions or help you get what you want. Herbarium aims to be more than just your local cannabis shop. They have a huge selection of topicals, tinctures, oils, edibles, CBD products, and flower from up-and-coming brands.


5158 Venice Blvd.

Do you Need to stock up on your favorite cannabis products? Hollyweed is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles) they can help you to get what you want and is also Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles. This dispensary have an excellent selection of edibles too, from different brands like Kushy Punch, Kiva, and Cheeba Chews, and they can even price match on brand name products from legal shops.


3650 E Olympic Blvd.

Are you also Looking for an OG dispensary stocking respected growers and extract artists? You can Head your way to TLC for an extensive menu of high-quality cannabis products and at good prices.. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA.


150 Venice Blvd

Located in the heart of DTLA, is also the Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles “LA Wonderland” lives up to its name. The dispensary has an extensive variety of flowers, edibles, and concentrates in their shop. i mostly recommend this dispensary



7051 B Santa Monica Blvd.

Are you looking for a dispensary with excellent weekly deals, Search no more. Make the effort to stop by in Hollywood Highgrade any time you get along their area. With special offers on everything on joints to wax, this WeHo dispensary has what you need and at the right prices. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA.

Og kush


4001 W Sunset Blvd

This dispensary is Located in the former Circus of Books store at Sunset Junction. MOTA (Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles) originally started out in the valley, and have found their new home in Silver Lake. Their mission is to supply the community with first-class genetics at an affordable price(cheap). This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles).


11221 Venice Blvd.

This dispensary remain True to its name. Save Greens in Venice always has an awesome offer for its customers at all time. With daily happy hours and deals, this shop is the perfect place to stock up what you want and they remain one of the Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles.




1755 Ximeno Ave.

This is Another dispensary that is well known in mixing experiential retail and cannabis is The Circle in Long Beach. With an 8100 sq ft showroom, The Circle makes sure to get your every need. carrying your favorite brands and hosting rad events to introduce you to the latest in cannabis products. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles).


Found in 3411 E. Anaheim St.

Was Voted as the LBC’s best dispensary in Los Angeles in the year 2018. ShowGrow’s staff is where they really shine. They are ready to answer any and every cannabis-related question you have during your visit to their dispensary shop in person or online. The ShowGrow dispensary offers a tech-forward experience which is similar to MedMen dispenary, if you’ve visited their LA locations then you know what am talking about.

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3428 Long Beach Blvd.

Another excellent and the Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles is the Long Beach dispensary. This is a Stone Age Farmacy which we dig for their daily deals through text and rewards for reviews programs. If you’re looking to save on your next cannabis purchase, make sure to subscribe to this dispensary.



420 W Central Ave

The 420 Central is in Santa Ana and they deliver to all of Orange County. They can offer up to 20% off for first-time customers that order pickup or delivery online. Aside from their convenient delivery service, 420 Central has one of the largest selections of the best Indica marijuana strain, Sativa marijuana strains, and also the Hybrid strains. So you can find what you’re really looking for right there. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles).

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1327 E St. Gertrude Pl.

The OC’s Bud & Bloom is a welcoming and open-space best dispensaries in Los Angeles that will make you want to return not only for the products, but for the good vibes too. Bud & Bloom also holds regular events, where you can come and try new products, connect with your cannabis consuming friends and many more benefits.


3023 S. Orange Ave.

With over 11000 products available at their dispensary shop, and a shopping experience specifically tailored to customers. From the Earth offers something a little different than most other dispensaries you have come across in Los Angeles. Plus, on the 20th of every month, the shop holds a ‘Patient Appreciation Day,’ offering 16% off to all your purchase made in their dispensary shop. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles).



Delivery Service.

Do you need a delivery service on demand in the IE? Wings of Wellness is a fan-favorite. With top-quality products and service, you really can’t go wrong with this delivery-dispensary. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles).


Delivery Service

REAL KIND MEDS is the Inland Empire delivery service known for their special 4 gram ⅛. REAL KIND MEDS (RKM) also accepts donations to put toward their business. All in the name of serving their customers with the highest quality cannabis at all times at a lovely prices so they can keep coming back and it is working. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles).

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100 W Hospitality Ln

The Captain Jacks is one of the best cannabis dispensaries in Los Angeles. And dispensary is a place to go if you are looking for more of an experience in cannabis production. Especially when you like purchasing your cannabis in person rather than getting it delivered. Similar to The Center in Long Beach and Bud & Bloom in Orange County. Captain Jacks provides customers with a space to explore cannabis, ask questions, and discover the latest in the industry.

As far as medical marijuana has been legal for medical use since 1996, California has come into a new age of legal adult-use aka recreational use over the past two years. Retail stores and dispensaries have spread up all over the city with more than 1,800 to choose from. So whether you’re into vaping, old school way by blunts, on edibles while watching Jelle’s Marble Runs videos on Youtube, there’s at least one way you for you to get high.

From my research, i realized that Most shops do offer delivery services, as well, but if you have never actually visited a dispensary before, then you owe it to yourself to get there in-person experience at least once.


The Farmacy Westwood

The Farmacy is a recreational cannabis dispensary shop that carries over 150 designer cannabis products but they also offer medical patients a 10% discount off their first purchase from them. Is School stressing you out? All UCLA staff and students with a valid UCLA ID and medical referral receive a 10% discount as well. Even if you are just shopping for adult-use cannabis. Regular customers can also join the dispensary’s 420 rewards program to earn gifts and discounts on purchases. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles).

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Rose Buds

Do you have friends or families who are visiting you out of town?. The Rose Buds dispensary located near Pasadena City College is the place to bring them. Since medical marijuana customers who are of age 21 and above, and with a valid medical marijuana ID card (out of state accepted!) can shop here without any medical recommendation. All First-time patients(customers) receive five house joints and one top-shelf joint as an added bonus. You can actually get FTP deals for your first TWO visits in Rose Buds. With over 100 extracts and almost 200 edibles on offer, this place has much more than buds. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles).

Greenwolf LA

Los Feliz.
This is one of the Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles Located right on Los Feliz Boulevard. The Greenwolf LA dispensary is arguably one of the best shops on the east side; from vegan edibles to CBD-infused honey bear bottles. The place have the view and makes all its customers to feels like the Whole Foods of dispensaries. This is also one of the best and the only recreational shops in LA that carries actual seeds for home growth which for $80-100 isn’t too bad if you have a green thumb and the space to do your own growing.

legal dispensary
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The Pottery

The Pottery is a modern day apothecary vibe this dispensary is also fitting for your purchase of an extremely helpful medicine and even “recreational” shoppers can also benefit from the medical effects of marijuana from anti-inflammatory properties from the reduction of anxiety.

From my research i realized that, “In the interest of providing Earth-grown pharmaceuticals, you’ll find display cases of premium flower such as Bloom Farms’ Do Si Do, THC Design’s Purple Punch, and Pearl Pharma’s Kosher White Truffle”. The Pottery also delivers to a considerable section of the city with no additional fees and the delivery section fast and always deliver on time at your door step. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN Los Angeles .


Silver Lake.
The California Care-givers Alliance has been around for over a decade. Although it is now accepting recreational customers and first time visitors can enjoy 10% off after taxes. Tucked into the second floor of a strip mall, this little shop can get pretty packed at times, but if you are willing to wait a few minutes for your turn, a friendly staff is waiting to walk you through their reasonable selection of strains, edibles, vapes, and other products for you to make your choice and i promise you that you will get the best of what you need and at a cheap price.

There are daily specials which is always a welcome treat to all the customers who have been patience to wait for their turn of purchase. Also on Sundays, there is a prize wheel you can join in on with a donation. A quick question, “Who doesn’t love a prize wheel”? hahaha you? This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN Los Angeles .

OG Top Shop

South LA.
There are many best dispensaries in Los Angeles if you are looking for one. If you have a major sweet tooth, get ready to load up on edibles from the OG Top Shop. The place (OG Top Shop) is stocked with everything from cannabis(many cannabis products). You can get cannabis products like candies, Gummies and Sour Belts to baked goods like cookies, brownies, and krispy treats all for you depending on what you want.

They(OG Top Shop) also have great convenience items like a vast selection of pre-rolls. NOTE, it is the year 2020 and you shouldn’t have to roll your own joints if you don’t want to. The place opens daily at 8am and regularly runs customer appreciation events. Just don’t forget to hit the ATM before going to the OG TOP SHOP because this dispensary which is also one of the best dispensaries in Los Angeles only accept cash for shopping. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN Los Angeles .

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Studio City.
This is also one of the best dispensaries in Los Angeles. This dispensary always Open daily from 6am – 10pm and this happens even during holidays. WHTC just might be the most accessible dispensary we know yet as the Winner of 2016 High Times Cannabis Cup. This shop is excels in both options and education; from the informative website to the informed staff, WHTC is there to help you buy what’s best for you or what you have been longing to consume.

The shop offers a 5% discount to their old customers, seniors, and medical marijuana patients with disabilities, and daily deals for medical patients. And also recreational customers are accepted, have it in mind that the daily deals are for medical patients only. Though there is a limited number of flower strains on offer, WHTC’s fully stocked with extracts and concentrates, including the Dosist pens that are sold out at most shops.

City Compassionate Caregivers

This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN CALIFORNIA(Los Angeles). Downtown.

One thing from all of us the cannabis consumer population always find it hard to find a friendly and more inviting atmosphere amongst budtenders than at City Compassionate Caregivers. They have been cultivating some of LA’s top greens from 20 years now and even more than 20 years if deep research is been carried out.

“The operation has been known to collaborate with weed royalty like the Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and Snoop Dogg. Speaking of the D-o-double-gizzle, Caregivers uses Snoop’s Premium Nutrients on a number of plants in their on-site double-decker grow facility”. Be sure to pick up some fire flower from The Cure Company, whose Glazed Apricot Gelato strain is sure to make for a relaxed stroll through Arts District afterward. This is also one of the BEST DISPENSARIES IN Los Angeles.

legal dispensary
Downtown Patient Group – DTPG


Arts District.
DTPG is also one of the Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles. Sometimes it’s hard to get off your couch but luckily, DTPG offers FREE delivery anywhere from Glendale to East LA without any fault. They also have daily deals, and are currently offering 25% off vapes and concentrates. DTPG carries one of the biggest and the most quality selections of Hybrid strains as well as a well-stocked edible selection that including a variety of candies, oils, and medicated pet treats.

Bonafide Collective

Bonafide Collective is also one of the Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles with top quality cannabis products and also With top-shelf deals for first time buyers. Bonafide always make their customer value clear at the outset. The floor-to-ceiling product selection will have you wanting to try something new every time, and you definitely should

Please, don’t hesitate to ask for a recommendation, as the budtenders are helpful and friendly too to everyone. Bonafide prides itself on a research-based menu, so you can expect a wide variety of lab-tested strains, extracts, and powerful edibles at the dispensary.

Zen Noho

North Hollywood
Zen Noho is also one of the Best Dispensaries In Los Angeles.
Last year Zen Noho the No. 2 best dispensary in LA, and the shop is still hitting just as hard these days. You’ll find something for everyone, from CBD to edibles, but the shop is cash only. However, there is an ATM on site. Zen Noho offers monthly specials on flower, concentrates, and pens.