Best Frosty Og Kush Information 2020

Indica and Sativa Ratio.
Pure Indica.
Average THC / CBD Level.
*THC 15.00 / 21.00%
*CBD 1.06 / —%
*CBN — / —%.

Frosty Og  kush marijuana strain induces you with cerebral euphoria, the strain will also increase your creativity. Frosty Og Kush will boost your happiness which is accompanied by a deep body relaxation. It might cause laziness and sedation but will Uplifts your mood drastically. Alleviates you from depression while stimulating your appetite. This strain have many advantages that can even help you to relieves your stress.

Genetics Of Frosty Og Kush

The genetic origins of Frosty strain are unknown.
Frosty strain is an Indica with beautiful crystal covered buds that look like they have been iced. Due to moderate THC content of this strain, Frosty has potent analgesic effect and wide medicinal applications. Frosty og kush strain is good for evening and nighttime medicinal use.



FROSTY WEED has A lot of flavor and i love this strain. I love the dense cookie smoke of FROSTY WEED and the heavy buds. It’s a head high but a good one we’re you can still function.



FROSTY OG kush is a dark green color, and is very LEVY, however, when broken up it is glue-like sticky with a wet in appearance crystals. This weed smells too skunk And pungent smoked will launch you into a mellow.



frosty og kept my brain thinking a million thoughts at once. I felt slight panic and increased anxiety but it did come down after a little while. I then felt relaxed and calm


Positive Effects


The frosty weed marijuana strain is one of the best indica strains we have in the cannabis world. This strain brings about Euphoric and also boost your happiness mood after being consumed. you fell relaxed and being creative, and may result to a sleepy mood.

Negative Effects

Dry Eyes

The frosty weed marijuana strain is still remain one of the best indica strains we have in the cannabis world despite it brings about Headache, makes you Paranoid and lazy. The frosty weed might bring about dry eyes and at times keeps you in an Anxious mood


It will be pleasant to let you know a bit about the frosty og kush. This strain brings at least a 20% THC level to the party on any given day, as well as a 2% CBD content to boot. While nugs of this strain do have a coating of trichomes that appear like ice, these otherwise large and dense buds are fairly normal looking. Sweet and dank are the two ways to best describe both their smell and taste, and with a sticky coating of resin, they can give users a bit of a hard time when trying to break the nugs apart.

Frosty may not be well named, but the high you’ll experience is worth it nonetheless. A rush of cerebral energy will hit you like a ton of bricks, allowing you to feel relaxed yet simultaneously creative and inspired at the same time. Enjoy this uplifting mood booster in a variety of ways, whether it’s a day at the lake with friends or a small get together at home, but don’t expect to be overly productive. While Frosty will put a smile on your face, this indica-dominant strain will also allow you to feel deeply mellow while washing away all stressors.

Much like frosty og kush heritage, information on growing Frosty weed at home is a well-guarded secret. Given that its origin is held tightly under wraps, it might be best left for an experienced grower to take a shot at it. As it’s a hybrid strain, perhaps it will be a plant that’s fairly easy to cultivate, but we may never know!

It’s hard to not imagine snow covered mountains or tastes of wintergreen when you hear the name Frosty, but after one hit you’ll see how far from reality those thoughts actually are. Instead, enjoy this nicely balanced strain on a day off and take a vacation from the world, even if it’s only for a few hours.