Dr. Feelgood Strain (Indica)


Indica / Sativa Ratio.
Pure Indica.
Average THC / CBD Level.
*THC 18.00 / 26.00%
*CBD 7.70 / 17.00%
*CBN — / —%.

Dr. Feelgood Strain (Indica) induces heavy body stone followed by a strong analgesic and anti-nausea effect. Promotes the body with deep relaxation and sweet sleep. Alleviates you from depression, Uplifts your mood, and also relieves you from stress, drastically stimulates appetite.



Dr. Feelgood Strain (Indica) is an Indica developed in Colorado Seed Lab. Staying true to the name, Dr. Feelgood marijuana is an auto-flowering medical marijuana plant. It has high CBD levels, reaching over 10% on average. Dr. Feelgood Strain (Indica) flowers for 8-9 weeks and yield 15-40 grams per plant.

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