Northern Lights Strain (Indica)


Indica / Sativa Ratio
Pure Indica
Average THC / CBD Level
*THC 18.85 / 26.81%
*CBD 0.56 / 0.97%
*CBN 0.37 / 0.75%.

Northern Lights Strain (Indica) induces you with instant and powerful long lasting body buzz.  boosts creativity & giggles. Good in uplifting your mood, Provides you with a strong pain relief content, helps you with nausea & insomnia and also Relaxes your body, and promotes sleep.



Northern Lights Strain (Indica) is a world famous and pure Indica from Holland. This kush is a winner of many cannabis awards worldwide. Northern Lights Strain (Indica) is known by everyone who is in the cannabis world. Due to high THC content, Northern Lights is extremely potent.

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