Quality Paris OG Kush (Indica)


Indica / Sativa Ratio.
Pure Indica.
Average THC / CBD Level.
*THC 28.17 / 28.00%
*CBD 0.77 /0.29%
*CBN 0.19 / 0.38%.

Paris OG Kush (Indica) is good in uplifting cerebral euphoria,  prompts giggles, uplifts your mood, relieves stress. Calms the mind and promotes body relaxation rapidly, good for sleep and Controls pain and nausea, if you need to eat or if you dont eat or eat less, the strain stimulates appetite. But this Paris OG Kush (Indica) May cause headaches, dizziness and paranoia.



Paris OG Kush (Indica) is an indica marijuana strain that was in the first place in “Michigans High Times’ Cannabis Cup of 2014″.
California Grapefruit (Indica)

paris og

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