Indica and Sativa Ratio.
Indica Dominant Hybrid (31% Sativa / 69% Indica)

Average THC / CBD Level
*THC 18.55 / 28.57%
*CBD 0.64 / 0.09%
*CBN — / 0.19%

Death Star Strain(Hybrid) brings Relaxation to the body but yet very social. You have no paranoia at all or anxiety feeling. Anyways, it is an excellent strain for early evening to get you ready for a sweet mood.

Genetics Of Death Star Weed

The Death star weed strain is a cross between Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, and OG Kush.




There are a lot of advantages consumer of the death star weed  may gain from consuming this death star strain.

Consumers of the death star strain will be free from pain after using the strain. The death star strain is good in relieving you from stress. The death star strain is also good for Insomnia and Anxiety. Also, the death star strain is good for depression.


Dry mouth
Dry eyes

Although The DEATH STAR STRAIN has a lot of advantages, there are some other minor disadvantage you might face when consuming the death star weed.

Consumers of the death star weed strain may face dry mouth dry eyes, at time you might feel dizzy. The death star strain may also keep you in a paranoid mood. At time anxious.

Death Star strain

Death Star strain

Death Star strain, not TO be confused with the similarly-named Death Star, is a mysterious cultivar thought to be a three-way cross of Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, and OG Kush, according to sources online. It’s said to feature a pungent, sweet, woody taste and an earthy, fuel aroma. Currently, Death Star weed OG genetics are unavailable on the market, with no seeds or clones for sale and no growing information online.

Death Star Weed

Death Star Weed

Death Star Weed While I have yet to review any particular strain until now, This particular strain prompted me to do s. As it is now my favorite weed strain of all I have tried. I am partial to indica, and this certainly fills the bill. The death star weed is Enjoyable but strong.



DEATH STAR OG KUSH A couple pulls from the vape pen and all the edges smooth away - no neck and shoulder pain, no chatter box brain reviewing my entire day. Half hour later - I'm yawning, eye lids relaxing, and typing this sleep awaits YOU


At times, It is easy to dismiss Death Star strain as a “medical grade” strain due to the Star Wars-inspired name. After my long research with my team, it is now clear that this combination of Sour Diesel, Sensi Star, and OG Kush is not only great for patients looking for an anti-depressant medication, but is also is an excellent appetite stimulant for those who need to put on weight or up their caloric intake respectively. 

Death Star weed is an indica-dominant hybrid with an above average THC percentage and very high levels of CBC, which explains why patients consider the death star strain to be so euphoric when consumed. It is also near impossible to avoid the munchies after medicating with the death star strain, because there is no CBD or THC to counteract the hunger-inducing effects brought on by the THC and indica genetics of the death star weed.

The Death Star strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain of marijuana known for it’s potency and having a creepy onset. While you may be eyeing the death star weed strain in particular as a Star Wars fan, it’s got a lot more going for it than just a cool name of its own.

Death Star is a cross of the infamous Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. This cross breeding results in Death Star having a mix of both indica and sativa effects, giving it a nice balance. The death star weed strain is renowned for having high THC Content with potent effects. The buds are thick, fat, and sticky.

Death Star strain features dark orange hairs on dark green leaves, but can also feature bright, green leaves with darker green accents, and the same vibrant, amber trichomes. Death Star strain has a pungent, Earthy smell, many likening it’s powerful fragrance as similar to that of a skunks.

Bear with me that it’s going to be a bit tricky covering of the strong odor of Death Star weed even just breaking up the sticky buds will leave the room with that unmistakable Death Star weed scent. The taste is dominantly diesel with a slight citrus kick. The sweetness varies a bit, coming in waves. If you’re a big diesel fan you’ll absolutely love Death Star strain also call death star og kush.

The Death Star weed, like all strains in the cannabis world, has it’s own set of medicinal applications you ought to know. Many people suffering from depression and pain, find solace in medicating with Death Star strain. The death star strain also helps alleviate you from stress as well. Death Star weed is also great for insomnia, proving itself a very effective sleeping aid. Nausea and pain are two more ailments that Death Star strain can be used to relieve. Needless to say, Death Star weed is quite useful for a variety of disorders and medical ailments. This is a great strain to consider if you’re looking for the best qualities of both sativa and indica to satiate your woes!

Death Stars strain journey began in Ohio in the early 2000’s. The strain was developed by Team Death Star, who only began popularizing the strain in theh year 2004. Death Star  weed then grew in popularity throughout the Midwest and up and down the East Coast. In the year 2010, right around a decade after Death Star weed was conceived, it was featured in High Times.

Death Star strain can be grown both indoors and outdoors, the flowering period generally lasting around 65 days and the strain is known to grow in short bushes, and the buds are generally smaller.