Quality Queen Mother Goji strain 2020

Indica / Sativa Ratio.
Indica Dominant Hybrid (30% Sativa / 70% Indica).
Average THC / CBD Level.
*THC 27.00 / 31.00%
*CBD  — / —%
*CBN — / —%.


The Queen Mother Goji (Sativa) is an indica-dominant hybrid breed from Bod-hi Seeds. This marijuana strain is known for its awesome THC content. The strain can also help you in pain relieving effects and can also help you in  treating insomnia. The queen mother goji strain helps you in reducing depression. If you are suffering from chronic pain then i recommend this strain to you. Its sweet taste has cherry, berries, licorice and earth smell. The smell is fresh when smoking.

Queen Mother Goji Strain (Sativa) is a marijuana plant that gives you a strong body high. Followed with an euphoric boost that is happiness.

 The body becomes relaxed and you become pain free immediately after consuming the bud. The strain also boost your creativity and energizing you when smoked. cannamem.com

Effects Of The Queen Mother Goji Strain

Please note that the effects of Queen Mother Goji strain vary from person to person. This is based on our data and research carried out from many websites. below are the most consistent effects faced among or faced by most users who use the Queen Mother Goji strain.

Positive Effects

Body Relaxation
Pain Free

The Queen mother Goji strain. The strain helps its smoker from Chronic pain, Helps in body relaxation. The strain will boost your energy quickly when smoked. The Queen Mother Goji Strain will also help you from Depression.

Negative Effects

Dry Mouth
Dry Eyes

The Queen mother Goji strain is one of the best sativa strain which have many advantages to its smokers than its disadvantages.

The only disadvantage the Queen Mother Goji Strain can give its users is dizziness. keeps you dizzy and hence mostly recommended in your free times.

Queen Mother Goji

Queen Mother Goji

Queen Mother Goji strain is an indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. This are two descendants of classic land-race strains from Nepal and India. The awesome aroma of the queen mother goji strain is of berries. black cherries, strawberries, and Hawaiian punch.

Queen Mother Goji Strain

Queen Mother Goji Strain

Queen Mother Goji Strain is A great bud for anyone with sleeping problems or depression and or anxiety. This is one of the best sativa strain i mostly recommend to sativa smokers. Despite the strain is difficult to find even in dispensary.

Queen Mother Strain

Queen Mother Strain

Thank you for introducing me to this Queen Mother Strain. i love it most. No doubts about the lineage, however a bit more would be interesting 😊. It taste like Thai Stick from the late 1970’s. I just close the eyes and a bit of music and …

About The Queen Mother Strain

The Queen Mother Strain is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by crossing the delicious Queen Mother X Nepali OG X Snow Lotus strains. The potent lady packs a heavy high that’s perfect for a lazy afternoon when you have a to-do list to tackle but need some pain relief before you do.

The Queen Mother Goji high has a euphoric lift at the onset. The Queen Mother Strain is good in  filling your mind with sweet happy relief and infusing it with a sense of creative energy and this happens rapidly. This happens once the queen mother strain is been smoked. 

As your euphoria grows, a lightly relaxing body high will wash over the rest of your body. This will ease away aches and chronic pains without causing you to feel weighted down. With these effects and its high of 30% average THC level, Queen Mother Goji strain is perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain.

The super secretive Bodhi Seeds is an indica-dominant strain that is sure to knock your feet off. A cross between Snow Lotus, Queen Mother, and Nepali OG, The Queen Mother strain is taking the cannabis world by storm. The strain is being sold by many legal dispensary. Consumers of the Queen mother goji strain should Be prepared for a super intense high. This will come along with tasty flavors and a set of effects that will keep you coming back for more.

Only experienced smokers should even look at Queen Mother Goji strain as this strain tends to top out right around 30% THC. Nugs typically take on a red tone with a very rounded shape and an intensely thick coating of milky trichomes. If you enjoy sweet strains you’ll love what this goji strain has to offer to its consumers. As a mixture of berries, punch, and a hint of spice will mingle on your tongue keeping you feeling awesome.

Queen mother strain’s super strong potency is not an addictive type of strain. But this strain will mess you up in the best way possible especially when the train keeps you in a dizzy mood. Simply take a toke or two at most and prepare to be blown away with an intense sensation of euphoria and creativity. All this effects are instant but it will depend on your energy level. You could find out  that you feel like chatting with everyone around you. and initially these effects won’t feel sedating in the slightest. 

It goes without saying that this bud is ideal for individuals who struggle with insomnia. However, while you’re awake, enjoy her ability to help you from the various types of body pain and to address mental concerns. like anxiety and depression with ease. This will keep you in a lovely mood despite the fact that you will be feeling dizzy. 

From my research, Some consumer of this strain say that this queen mother strain also encourages a lot of eating, making it a good choice if you often experience a loss of appetite. That is, the queen mother strain increases your appetite drastically.

Always allow the Queen Mother Goji strain to work her magic because in a long run. You won’t want to move a muscle and might find yourself fast asleep in the most awkward of places after smoking this strain.

When it comes to this powerful queen mother goji strain, it has all the best advantages you could ever imagine. But unfortunately nothing in real life is perfect. As much as we would all love to enjoy Queen Mother Goji strain, to our greatest satisfaction. Seeds of this strain are sadly nowhere to be found. It’s rumored that these plants are relatively easy-going and mature in 8 to 9 weeks, but that’s assuming you can cultivate them to begin with.

Try keeping your eyes out for Queen Mother strain the next time you visit your local dispensary or any legal dispensary. She might not be there very often. But when she is, snatch her up quickly so that you can enjoy all that she has to offer to her consumers.

 From super strong effects to great flavors, she has become the best part of your evening mood. This will be especially when you are done with your day activities. This is so since the strain will keep you in a dizzy mood or we usually say with queen mother goji strain, dizzy mood activated