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Indica / Sativa Ratio.

Sativa Dominant Hybrid (85% Sativa / 15% Indica).
Average THC / CBD Level.
*THC 19.88 / 28.04%
*CBD 1.55 / 5.41%
*CBN 2.50 / 12.81%.


Sour Diesel(SD) marijuana strain is a cross grown of the Original Diesel with an unknown Skunk phenotype. When Original Diesel was accidentally crossed with a DNL plant, it created seed stock that produced the East Coast Sour Diesel clone. Many seed dispensary have released crosses with the strain and some have attempted to reproduce the strain in seed form. This process was about releasing a variety of back crosses and with varying results which has become the most desired strain now our days.. 


Pain Conrole
Energy Buzz

Sour Diesel SATIVA marijuana strain each time smoked induces  you with happiness and euphoric cerebral buzz. This sativa strain Increases your creativity and social interactions with those around you while boosting your energy level slowly. It can as well a long lasting pain control.  overall sociable and fun. It May at times bring about eye dryness and paranoia.


Dry Mouth
Cotton Mouth
Dry eyes

There is one major side effect that all marijuana consumers face and that is the dry mouth effect. Besides the dry mouth effect, there other side effects like dry eyes, which you can take care of by using the relevant eye drops sold in some dispensary. Though Sour Diesel causes less dryness, it is important to ensure that while you are smoking the sour diesel strain, you keep your system hydrated(drink a lot of water) at all times paranoia anxiety and dizziness.


Sativa Marijuana Strains have thinner leaves and longer flowering cycles than their indica plants. They’re also taller: Some sativas can grow upwards of 25 feet, despite they most stay under 12 feet tall.

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Sour DieselS SATIVA
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sour diesel strains

Sour Diesel strain is one of the most famous Sativa marijuana strain. The breeders of this cannabis strain yet remain unknown by the cannabis population. The herb was named after its aroma (The strain is also known as Sour D), an intoxicating smell of lemons and pungent stench of diesel fuel. The strain is also known as Sour D or SD. The Sour Diesel marijuana strain is very potent, with THC levels of up to 23%. All Beginners should proceed with caution and be mindful of the dose you take to avoid paranoia. Sour Diesel marijuana strain is good for daytime use due to it’s stimulating properties.

The Qualities of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a fairly sativa-dominant strain but seems to exhibit a some characteristics of an indica effect at times, This strain brings about ta buzz in your energy level rapidly but the body seems almost immobile at times, trending heavily towards couch-lock. The strain SD is also good with nerve and muscle pain relief.


The Sour Diesel strain always display an extremely pungent blend of fuel, skunk, citrus, and spice that The sharpness gets stronger after breaking it up. Quality Sour Diesel Cheap 2020 1

The smoke is expansive and will definitely cause coughing on most cases especially when you get inn larger hits.  The sd strain can’t let go but Adding a stronger kick of citrus as well as a cutting fuel aroma that tickles your nostrils.

The strain Sour Diesel which is often called The Sour-D is among the most popular  bud Sativa strains of Cannabis in the world best known for its potent effects and pungent aroma. The strain is sold in almost all dispensary you can find around you or online. What that matters is the quality and their prices. The strain is is highly recommended to those looking for a mood-boosting high. JAGER MARIJUANA STRAIN